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 beware!, web attacks by bots.

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PostSubject: beware!, web attacks by bots.   Thu Jul 28, 2016 4:10 am

hi to all. i dont know for sure where to put this, but i have to say it.

i enjoy this forum on the streets of rage section, since saddly the old streets of rage online old forum closed.

but since the saturday, i received by email like 20 or more notifications of attempts of change the paswword on my account.

sure im not the only one.

this is not only annoy as the spam it is. also is scary for know, that a certain boring stupid ashole is trying to fuck others.

however, after watch carefully the amount of those emails i have, in the SAME MINUTE many of them, and even the hours, now i tough this was not happen only to me, cause sure is a bot trying to overpass the website capacity or to break the webite secutiry maybe. in order to obtain certain information as private emails etc for spam.

this attemps of change the password that now fills my email are from sites im registered. as, brawlers avenue, and twitter even.

this also could be a bot trying to spread a fucking virus on both websites and emails adresses, that he would took stealing the forums accounts passwords. (but i hope/doubt that this will work. honestly Rolling Eyes ).

i just wanted to explain it in here. in case that another people could having the same problem.

be careful with this attacks. i recomened to protect the website by limit the amount of times that you can ask for a new password.

that way sure those idiots will not be abble to fill my email with apam, and they will not be abble to break your website neither.

thanks for the attention and also this forums!. greetings Wink
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beware!, web attacks by bots.
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